Black History Month

On this day we begin what is known as Black History Month, where we remember and celebrate all those who made an impact and a difference in humanity. Personally I’m a Dr. Martin Luther King fan. His speeches would speak volumes and even today when you read quotes from his speeches its still amazing toContinue reading “Black History Month”

Being straightforward

Fellow readers and bloggers im not going to beat around the bush im just going to be straight forward with you always and honest. My stories and even other posts all come from real life experiences and the struggles i faced. I will daily continue to write so you all can be satisfied and rewardedContinue reading “Being straightforward”

How to feel happy daily

I must admit as i was thinking about this topic it came to my mind ‘how can i feel happy on a daily’ ? Its not easy but if you always keep in mind nothing is impossible that you too can achieve daily happiness. Number one, is your work day making you feel stressed orContinue reading “How to feel happy daily”


Everyday we wake up we should be grateful because its a new opportunity to learn from our past make the wrongs right and move ahead to our future. Life is short and while everyone can say live it to the fullest we must also be wise. What did we do yesterday that may have leadContinue reading “Grateful”