Life lesson

One your partner refuses to be with you at your lowest dont allow them to be there during your highest. Because just like weed is poison to all the plants it surrounds so are people when they kick you when your down. If you let them in during your success they will surely look to take that away. Have a great day fans ! Thanks so much for being a part of my blog

Helping out

Hi fans and readers. The time has come. My wife and i are moving and we need your help ! Any little bit counts thats what i always say. My wife’s job will be letting her go soon unfortunately and with just my part time job its not enough to get us out of here. Once again i thank you all for your support I appreciate it in advance

Great Investments

Starting a new investment portfolio requires lots of attention, thought and even care. I was slow to learn at first what it all meant but as time went on i realized that the more a gave care into it the more i loved it and saw my investments grow. You too can have something to look forward to in your future. If you want to learn more go back to my page and that subscribe button will take you to the donation page where you can help me so that i can continue bringing you all the tools you need to make good investments. Then catch me on Facebook Messenger with the handle “One Kingdom” let me know if you have any trouble and i will find you 🙂

What time is it ?

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The Value of being supportive

A young ambitious man has his hopes set high and his faith on full blast. He tells his wife he wants to start an online business but she seems some what skeptical because her husband had a great job as computer tech. But his love for it had since fallen and he wanted to be his own boss. One day on his wife’s birthday he went and got for her a beautiful charm with a necklace but she did not like it because she wanted a real gold. The husband felt bad but simply said that once his new business venture takes off he will give her anything she wants. She proceeded to shoot down his business idea but still he remained strong in his faith. One day she was so fed up she divorced him because his business was taking so long. The husband did not take it well he fell into a depression but kept moving towards his dream and one day it actually did take off ! He was doing great making money, in fact he was able to be a house and even a brand new car. One day during a small gathering with friends he happened to see a girl from high school that he was good friends with but after graduating she had moved away. The two talked for hours and he even mentioned how he quit his job for a dream business venture. It just so happened that she had her own business as well and eventually they fell in love and got married. He was so happy he found someone who was so supportive. One day they went out to dinner at a local fancy restaurant and while walking to the car he bumped into his ex wife and she couldn’t believe that he had gotten remarried and that his business actually had made him money ! He turned to his ex wife and said, that if she had stuck it out for a while longer and been supportive she could have a part of everything too. But it was too late.

Trust is something that should be in every relationship even marriage. Without Trust you have nothing.

Investing for your life

Hello everyone ! In this blog i would like to share some tiny nuggets of info on how you can make some money just by investing. As an experienced investor i can tell you it can be a lot of fun and it can disappoint at times however once you get the swing of it and know what strategies you want to work with it can turn out to be a huge success.

If you want to know more in depth on what it takes to invest in stocks and even build your own portfolio click on the subscribe link on the main page of my blog and for a donation fee of your choice i will give you some very helpful tools ! You can find me on Google Hangouts (One Kingdom Lions Den) and Youtube (izzy speaks motivational) thanks and enjoy

Lead by Example

Theres a saying that goes “You can lead a horse to water but you cant make him drink” this is true ! As leaders, people who others look up to, we need to lead by example show that however far we have come all that we have been through in life that we have learned from it and take those lessons to teach those who lack the knowledge. Eventually those whom we take to drink from that water will drink.