Turning Around Grief

You wake up one morning fresh from a pleasant 8 hour rest. Routine is the name of the daily game. But something is different about today, the sky seems darker than usual and all of a sudden a storm develops giving way to heavy rain and loud thunders. ‘What is going on here’? the voice in your head starts to speak. Little did you know the news of what awaits you but God is already showing his mourn. You get a call that someone you knew had just passed away. The first thing on your mind is shock and disbelief because just the other day that same person was fine. So then you begin to feel pain emotionally from the shock because you think it is your fault since days before you exchanged words or said some things that later on wish you had not among other reasons. After that you get angry at yourself and begin questioning, who else but God. Many people who have faced grief know that the first thing that crosses their mind is ‘why God?’ From experience I can tell you that I had to trust God and the process behind the reason you might not see it at first but given the right time your heart will be opened to the reason. Depression will always find a way in but the key to fighting it is to keep your mind busy read a book or walk around the neighborhood anything you feel you might enjoy and God will do the rest. Reconstructing your emotions is a big step because this is the part where you let go and let God handle the weight of it all. Acceptance, though sometimes difficult, must be achieved to be able to move forward to another sunny day.


The time has come after two years of dating you finally plan on settling down. You bring out that ring from the best jewel store or passed down from your family. Holding your breath you get down on one knee but the words ‘will you marry me’ do not come out immediately but instead your mind goes to, ‘what am I doing’? Don’t worry you are not alone many of us have gone through that moment. Its normal because you know subconsciously it is a serious decision. Marriage involves everything from disagreements to happy moments and even shed a few tears. The best part is once you are committed you are one! Its kinda like a live version of the two halves of your brain. One side controls a half of your body and thoughts and the other half does the same but for the other half. It is up to both sides to come together in one accord to understand each other and learn from one another.

NFL Playoffs

January is here so that means the NFL playoffs are here too ! This season was one of many stumbles including injuries to players, many others did not take part in the season because of the pandemic. All in all it was a season to remember. Now that the post season is here we will get to see the best of the best including Tom Brady in the post season with another team ! How would you rate your team ? What do you expect for the Super Bowl ?

Calm Before The Storm

What is the calm before the storm ? There are some who face ‘The storm’ head on and have no time to even prepare. But to those who experience the ‘Calm before the storm’ let me tell you it helps you gather yourself and get ready. Without any warning or preparation we can easy lose focus on our direction in life. I have learned that being ready you will still face the storm but just not as hard as you would think. Everything has a reason and a process, we cant just walk to a piece of land surrounded by water just by walking through it, you need a bridge. Same concept with life. You need a strong bridge for when that storm hits while your walking you can still get across safely and continue your journey.