The Perfect Gift

Some years ago a young boy, who we will name Smiley for now, was born into a beautiful family. A father who would give it all just so his son could have the best life possible, a mother who’s prayers faithful love to the Lord and a heart filled with unconditional love. All that was enough for the young boy to get through birth after doctors had already diagnosed the worst for him. Everything from ‘may never walk’ to ‘may have learning disabilities’ to even ‘not live many years’. Dispite all of that his parents chose to accept him and love him because they knew God had spoken to them in their hearts telling them that one day his story will be told and many would see the wonderful things He had done in his life. ‘Smiley’ was a happy boy he never saw the negative of things but instead always tried to find the positive. After just 2 years or so Smiley began to take his first steps and his mom overjoyed and in tears called his father to tell him of the good news. It was such a happy joyful time. Soon after started physical therapy to strengthen his legs and when it was just enough Smiley adjusted to life with leg braces for balance. He later when on to attend school and did not develop any learning disabilities. Independance was always something Smiley got use to as far as taking care of himself because of the teachings of his parents. He never required any home health aides his motto was ‘i can do it’. But he was never alone God was always there supporting him. The years went on and the young boy became a young man ! He graduated High School and went on to attain a Certification in Computer Processing and most recent a license in Pharmacy Tech. Smiley’s mother went on to rest with the Lord when Smiley was 29 and although the years that followed were very difficult his father stood by his side. Six years later wedding bells rung and Smiley was walking down the aisle with his soon to be bride !! I bet you want to know who this Smiley is ? Well, its me ! The author of this post, Isaias and what is my perfect gift? Having a chance at life I am forever grateful to the Lord.

Quote of the Day

“If you are an over achiever then that means you are an over believer” ! Dabo Swinney

When you start to believe in yourself and see the greatness in your works others will take notice and see the fruits of your labor and how good it taste !!

Steps to success

Everyday we enter a new day which is basically a present given to us as many arent given that which i call second chance. Here i want to shed some light on some steps you can use to help you get going on whatever you set your mind to and be successful. Number one of course is think about what is it you want to do lets say create a project where you can help the homeless or feed the hungry. Number two would be a plan for the setup and how you would get there mainly financially. Number three remember that Rome was not built in a day you have to be patient and much like a plant you must feed it and you will see it grow. Number four dont be afraid of failure you will have times where you may fall but that is all part of the growing process. Learn from those mistakes and take note to where you need to make better and or even eliminate. Your hard work and dedication will pay off and bare fruit. Tell yourself every day I can do it !!! Impossible is only that in which you make in your mind.

New group alert !!

You’re invited to my new group ‘Living with Disabilities’ on GroupMe. Click here to join: https://groupme.com/join_group/67469059/HmrDF2Ar

To all my fans and followers above you will find a link to my new group called living with disabilities! Its a discussion group where we help each one of us grow from disabled to enabled !! Click the link and lets get started !!

Being grateful

Today Friday begins the weekend of Easter now its not about the bunny or eggs but more like being grateful that God gave His only son for us. Now dont get me all twisted here i know some of you will jump from your chairs or wherever and panic because im mentioning God but im just being myself here and truthful and honest to all of you because as your source of inspiration and motivation i need to make sure that all my words that reach you are stamped deep in your hearts. Yesterday i saw a man, a baseball player if you will, be just so grateful to the organization and family and even God for making his dream possible and it was just amazing and so fitting for this weekend. So my question to all of you is what are you grateful for in your lives ? Let me know in the comments section !! 🙂

Coming soon !!

I will be hosting a Youtube channel !! I was on Youtube two years ago but it was tough getting a following and i didnt quite have the right niche lol now i have a bit more confidence in my material and feel i have grown !! Would you like to join me in my adventure? I have a few videos already posted i will leave the link here and if you like it then subscribe. Much like on here i will submit videos heck i may even turn some of my blog post into live streams !! Thanks again in advance for your support !!


Marvel, DC Heroes vs Civilian Heroes

Many of us have seen countless movies of Super Heroes harnessing abilities that for a normal human would be unheard of to hold on to. We enjoy watching them on the big screen take down villains of all kinds. But how many have really stopped to notice the everyday heroes we encounter in real life ? People like the first responders or fire rescue heck even those who work in hospitals or like me pharmacies. What is the difference between Fantasy heroes and Reality heroes ? Not to much but what i am trying to say is just as you clap for when Captain America beats the Red Skull or Iron Man beats Thanos, when you see workers at a store, supermarket, pharmacy or even first responders, give them a thanks or if even a thumbs up because we risk our lives during this pandemic so everyone can have all their needs met responsibly and safe.

Cast the first stone

Are you someone who blames others for their mistakes or should i say points out their mistakes before even holding your tongue and pointing out yours ? Then congratulations you live without sin ! Right ? Wrong ! Each and every one of us is guilty of something no matter how big or small it weighs the same. We cant sit here blaming another person for their faults when we ourselves have committed our share as well. So i say this to you, look in the mirror if someone walked up to you and did the same thing would they throw stones at you ? Two good things here the first one is that God forgives us whether anyone believes or not all you have to do is ask. Listen most of you that follow me know that what i say is true and if you read my life testimony you know i am a living walking miracle. The second thing is that everyday is a present. We are allowed another day of life to fix the wrongs in our life. So go out there and try it you will feel a whole lot better.

Adventures at work

Its never easy when you are working retail. I work for a pharmacy and its multitasking all around. You have to answer the phone while attending a customer at the register then answer a question the customer may have as well as printing photo orders. Its a tall order but the key to this type of job is enjoying it and put forth your best effort. Thats the lesson for today. Putting yourself in the other person’s shoes. You never imagine or see what goes on behind the scenes in retail until you see it from the other side. So next time you go to a Store or Pharmacy recognize that we are there for you and we are essential workers. Its a tough time we are all going through this together.

Movie Review

So i dont usually do this or maybe even ever but to try and cater to most of my readers and followers i have decided to review some movies and shows to try and make some recommendations.

First up! Zack Snyders Justice League.

I wont lie the movie was super long in fact longer than any movie i have ever seen since The GodFather Franchise. Justice League had everything you can imagine from action to emotions. After watching it i can see why Zack deserved the chance to make it his way. He emphasized so much on the storyline that required action and less talk. In other words he knew that what the fans wanted (even though needed to have a balanced blend) they wanted more action. The graphics were amazing. Interested yet ? Well if you saw the 2017 version this one will blow you away. 10 out of 10

Cast Away Fear

As we start this new week we sometimes let enter our minds the fears or pressures heck even the faults of yesterday. Note this, its a new day with new chances. Wherever you went wrong you can make right. There will always be consequences to the choices we make. But its up to us to make sure that the choices we do make dont lead to consequences we will later regret. Stand firm hold on to positive and move forward!!