The Perfect Gift

Some years ago a young boy, who we will name Smiley for now, was born into a beautiful family. A father who would give it all just so his son could have the best life possible, a mother who’s prayers faithful love to the Lord and a heart filled with unconditional love. All that was enough for the young boy to get through birth after doctors had already diagnosed the worst for him. Everything from ‘may never walk’ to ‘may have learning disabilities’ to even ‘not live many years’. Dispite all of that his parents chose to accept him and love him because they knew God had spoken to them in their hearts telling them that one day his story will be told and many would see the wonderful things He had done in his life. ‘Smiley’ was a happy boy he never saw the negative of things but instead always tried to find the positive. After just 2 years or so Smiley began to take his first steps and his mom overjoyed and in tears called his father to tell him of the good news. It was such a happy joyful time. Soon after started physical therapy to strengthen his legs and when it was just enough Smiley adjusted to life with leg braces for balance. He later when on to attend school and did not develop any learning disabilities. Independance was always something Smiley got use to as far as taking care of himself because of the teachings of his parents. He never required any home health aides his motto was ‘i can do it’. But he was never alone God was always there supporting him. The years went on and the young boy became a young man ! He graduated High School and went on to attain a Certification in Computer Processing and most recent a license in Pharmacy Tech. Smiley’s mother went on to rest with the Lord when Smiley was 29 and although the years that followed were very difficult his father stood by his side. Six years later wedding bells rung and Smiley was walking down the aisle with his soon to be bride !! I bet you want to know who this Smiley is ? Well, its me ! The author of this post, Isaias and what is my perfect gift? Having a chance at life I am forever grateful to the Lord.

Life coaching

Hey everyone !! I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you all a life changing experience. Have you ever wondered why you struggled with finances? Have you struggled making life changing moves or decisions? Are you someone with disabilities who feels their independence is limited? Come and have a chat with me i opened up an area for you on Fiverr !!! I will post the link. If you are interested please send me a message!! Prices right now are temporary and will change so take advantage now !!!

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While growing up mostly after my teen years i would say early 20’s I enjoyed (in fact still do) enjoy electronics. The thing i never noticed about my love for it was the fact that i also changed them often. For example if i had an iphone and the next one came out i wanted it or if i had some headphones and a different model came out i wanted it. There was something about that change that was not registering in my mind except for spending the money to do it.

Fast forward a few years now in my 30’s was still in that habit until finally one day it was like a lightbulb that turned on inside and God spoke to me. It was in very few words but very simple. It went like this, If I created you in my image and I am perfect why would I change you in any way ?

Change comes when something is broken or can no longer be fixed or even beyond repairs. Why fix what needs not fixing or replace what still is in working order? You will know what needs changing as you continue in life. Such as old habits or maybe your job no longer suits your needs which in this case would be a dry brook and so you need to find that ocean that will bring back that provision. Take your time analyzing your current situation and as God to guide you in the direction you need to go. Dont be afraid to change your life habits or your ways of thinking to get to where you need to be in life. But just remember to do that, you dont need to change who you are personally just be yourself.

My success story

I wanted to take this time to share with you all a short story of how i got to where i am in life and how with these words you too can be inspired.

It all started 6 years ago maybe even a few years further back, but anyway, i was in a time of my life where i was ok with the small things in life. For example i was happy just having a small one bedroom apartment with no furniture but a bed in my room, and i was ok with just living check to check by the government each month. It barely paid my rent let alone any other activities i wanted to do. I couldnt do many things yet i was still happy. But was i really happy ? I was actually not happy, i was conformed by the way of the world, the way it was molding me rather than breaking that mold to better help myself. Fast forward a couple of years i met my now wife who told me that if i ever wanted to be someone or get my life in a place where i have growth i need to get a job and stop relying on government checks. So i did just that, i got up one day and applied for jobs and never got an answer back and i was falling back into that why me feeling but then one day i went on Facebook and saw an ad for jobs with the Miami Dolphins so i applied and within a couple days they asked me to come in and i was hired on the spot. I gained experience as a cashier which in turn later became my supervisor position with the Miami Heat ! It was like one blessing after another. Later after the season ended I relocated to Massachusetts and got a job at Six Flags in the “bank” where they get all their money from the day. It was too far so i had to find something closer which then became another blessing of just 2 miles away “Walgreens”. I was there until just recently around August of 2022 when i then got a job as a health insurance agent. I say this all to you so you know that if i can do all of this even being labeled with a physical disability including epilepsy, I know you can do it too. Believe in yourself trust in God and you will reap your fruits of your labor!! Put your best foot forward dont look back ask God for direction and you will see the path you have to walk through to get to your goal !! It wont always be easy and you may fall but you will get back up and you will learn from when you fell !! Always be the one who pushes not the one who pulls !! No one will believe you can do it unless you start making the first move. You want your bark to be heard ? Then make noise !! Let your actions be your bark !!

Set back not defeat

Do you ever feel like you have crashed in life or in a different term defeated ? Well raise your head up high once again because i have good news you are not defeated but instead just having a setback. The setback leaves room for you to grow so you can gain the strength you need to move ahead in life !! I know you may think or feel like you’re dragging or like about to give up but thats what life wants to see that you wont move into success but instead stay stagnant. Learn from your setback build from that and bring forth success.

Never Settle

Around 50 million people in the world have epilepsy. At the age of 15 I became one of those statistical numbers. Most of us are controlled by either treatment (medication) and others,if neurologist are able to locate the exact location of the disturbance, can be operated on and not have them anymore. Many people live afraid since sometimes these neurological disturbances can come without warning so some lives can be put on hold. I will be honest i was one of those who felt fear and put certain things of my life on pause. Driving was one thing I had a hard time achieving. Thoughts of ‘what would happen if i got behind the wheel’ or even like what would happen if i was ever at work and i had a seizure ? Well im here to tell you that it did happen at work. It was quite painful as i hurt my arm and gave myself a concussion. I was out of work for 3 weeks. Finally i said i need to go back i cant stay at home all day. But here is the funny part of this story. Where some might see it as a curse i see it as a blessing. Without that moment happening to me i never would have discovered my hidden talents of making small business logos or graphics heck or even that i can produce my own music. For that i thank God. With all this i say dont ever think about the why this or why that ? Instead think about how i will use the moment to my advantage!!! Keep moving forward!!!

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

Every year on the first Sunday of May, we celebrate Mother’s day ! Its a day we come together as a family and celebrate all they do for us. They gave birth to us, carried us for nine months, and helped us get those good grades on our homework. To those who dont have their mothers on this day know that there is a plan for everything in life. I learned that the hard way when my mothers name was called into heaven. Sometimes there are events that happen to us in our lives that we do not understand but go along with what has to happen in our life “tomorrow”. Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there, you deserve this day !!

Super Bowl 56

The day we have all been waiting for since the start of the NFL season has finally arrived. This year its a bit different than what we have been use to for many years which was to see Tom Brady kick some butt. I never was a big fan of his however I can honestly say he played hard in every game and did what he was paid to do which was win games. Now as he rides off into the sunset with 7 rings and that being the perfect number its the best time to call it a career. A new generation of Quarterbacks will take the stage and follow in what the greats of yester year have created. Tonight I wish the Rams all the best and I wish the Bengals the best too. May the best team win.