The word itself feels big just when you enunciate it. Just as it sounds its how big of a problem it is too. Millions of people hoard for different reasons but one main reason remains in common with most is a loss in the family. When going through a loss there are steps like cope with it or face it head on. Its good to cry yell express your feelings because if not then you will surely keep it inside and it will manifest in other ways like hoarding. I have learned to cope with the loss of my mother, i was 29 when she passed away in my arms but with the help of my family i was able to minimize everything that was my mom’s and stay with just a few key items to remind me of her. Remember if ever you need someone to talk to pick up the phone call a friend or family member vent and i guarantee you will feel more at peace.

Published by onekingdom7

I would like to first thank you (the reader) for stopping by and joining me in an adventure that will keep you wanting more each day. In this page I blog about daily life experiences, motivations, words of wisdom and even some sports in the mix. To say my blog is limited is far from being true. You the reader can reach out to me in my personal email with any topic you wish to be seen in my blog. Just send me an email to izzysp34ks@icloud.com and you too can be a part of the adventure !!

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