The Value of being supportive

A young ambitious man has his hopes set high and his faith on full blast. He tells his wife he wants to start an online business but she seems some what skeptical because her husband had a great job as computer tech. But his love for it had since fallen and he wanted to be his own boss. One day on his wife’s birthday he went and got for her a beautiful charm with a necklace but she did not like it because she wanted a real gold. The husband felt bad but simply said that once his new business venture takes off he will give her anything she wants. She proceeded to shoot down his business idea but still he remained strong in his faith. One day she was so fed up she divorced him because his business was taking so long. The husband did not take it well he fell into a depression but kept moving towards his dream and one day it actually did take off ! He was doing great making money, in fact he was able to be a house and even a brand new car. One day during a small gathering with friends he happened to see a girl from high school that he was good friends with but after graduating she had moved away. The two talked for hours and he even mentioned how he quit his job for a dream business venture. It just so happened that she had her own business as well and eventually they fell in love and got married. He was so happy he found someone who was so supportive. One day they went out to dinner at a local fancy restaurant and while walking to the car he bumped into his ex wife and she couldn’t believe that he had gotten remarried and that his business actually had made him money ! He turned to his ex wife and said, that if she had stuck it out for a while longer and been supportive she could have a part of everything too. But it was too late.

Trust is something that should be in every relationship even marriage. Without Trust you have nothing.

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