Living in gratitude

Today i would like to share a story, i went back and forth with it as far as if i would put it under premium or for everyone so i decided all should know this.

This is my life story summed up. In March of 1983 i was born in Brooklyn NY however it wasnt all peaches and cream. Before birth my parents were told i had developed a birth defect called Spina Bifida along with hydrocephalus (how the brain drains fluids). The prognosis was not good. As far as they were concerned they were getting ready to pull out a dead baby. But God had other plans. I was able to begin walking at 1 1/2 years old or so, and my parents sent me to physical therapy right away. Its true i can walk but with leg braces. I was able to navigate the struggles of a “normal” school so to speak it wasnt a walk in the park as kids made fun of the way i walk all the way to 8th grade. But something about my attitude and demeanor that spoke volumes i never let it bother me much. The real struggles came later in life when i was growing up and i saw my friends all with girlfriends and getting married but i never had one in school heck i was always friendzoned. But that never stopped me i went on with life until it would be my turn.

Some time had passed and it was 2012 i was 29 out on a Florida vacation with my mom and dad so much in fact that we talked about moving down there. The Monday after returning from Florida my mom wakes up to get ready for work when suddenly she gets a huge headache out of nowhere. Of course im thinking its no big deal take a Tylenol and drink plenty of water right ? It didnt go like that, she suddenly fainted in my arms and blood poured from her nose and mouth by the time she made it to the hospital they had discovered she had a brain aneurysm and basically flooded to death. We kept her on ventilator because doctors were seeing some signs of life until one day there was no more brain activity and therefore had to make the difficult choice of unplugging the ventilator.

On her tomb read a Bible quote from 2 Timothy 4:7, NLT: «I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, and I have remained faithful.» I picked that verse because my mother battled in her last days even more so being a mother to a child with “specific needs” but in the end she won her battle. The war ended for her and she is now resting in the Lord’s warm embrace. But my battle continues and i will hold her legacy forever in my heart. Because of her positive influence and encouragement i was able to fight through social injustice because of my disability and through adversity was able to hold jobs with the Miami Dolphins and Miami Heat and even Six Flags now currently Walgreens. Sometimes it can be hard to go into work with a Happy Face all the time but the lesson i learned her is be grateful for the day you are living because its a gift. 🙂

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