Good Morning/afternoon

Good morning or afternoon or even evening to all my readers and followers. I hope this message finds you all well. I thought i would change the narrative for one day and make this message about each and every one of you. I know that lately life has not been easy especially the last year but i say this to those who are reading this. You made it ! Thats something you can take with you and think if i am here today then i have a purpose. I was once one of those who’s life hung on the balance with a life with Spina Bifida. But i pulled through ! My purpose ? Its like anyone else’s.

Think about this, we are always racking our minds wondering what are we suppose to do ? Well how about this, we are all different with different thoughts actions and TALENTS !! Look for your hidden talent and use it to bring people closer together. Look at me i never imagined that through my words i would touch so many people around the world and that makes me proud and inspired to continue the task at hand !!!

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I would like to first thank you (the reader) for stopping by and joining me in an adventure that will keep you wanting more each day. In this page I blog about daily life experiences, motivations, words of wisdom and even some sports in the mix. To say my blog is limited is far from being true. You the reader can reach out to me in my personal email with any topic you wish to be seen in my blog. Just send me an email to and you too can be a part of the adventure !!

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