Kick Depression

I once was faced with depression a few years ago when my mother passed away. Sure i may have been already an adult entering 30 but that doesnt make it any easier or different. Something like that happens it takes a harsh toll on you. My mother was fine the day she passed on until the next moment she just fainted and she died in my arms. What helped me fight depression? The fact that i could move on peacefully knowing she isn’t suffering anymore. The fact that i can keep her memory in my heart and make her proud in everything i do in life. See the point im making here is when you have been kicked to the ground and you think “well no one is here to help me” its not that trust me. It’s because only you can get back up again. Only you can face what has hurt you so much and put it to bed. Remember there is no success without failure. But if i did it i truly believe in my heart that each and every one of you can too !!

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