Keep your eyes on the Prize

Remember that time you dreamed about owning a home ? Getting that new car or even going back to school ? Keep moving forward dont look back. Never let your past define your future. Just because someone told you that you will never reach that goal or your thinking too high doesnt mean that has to be you. The only one who makes that decision is you. Society had given me a choice whether to live off of the government monthly and sit at home feeling sorry for myself because i am handicapped or getting myself up and making a name for myself proving to myself that I can be someone. Find a job it doesnt have to be fancy at first remember you have to start somewhere. Then make a budget save for what you want before you know it your future will become your present!!! Go get your goals dont give up !! Thank you for your time 🙂

Published by onekingdom7

I would like to first thank you (the reader) for stopping by and joining me in an adventure that will keep you wanting more each day. In this page I blog about daily life experiences, motivations, words of wisdom and even some sports in the mix. To say my blog is limited is far from being true. You the reader can reach out to me in my personal email with any topic you wish to be seen in my blog. Just send me an email to and you too can be a part of the adventure !!

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