Little Girl Big Heart

There once was a girl of just five years of age who loved to be called a Princess. Everyday Princess would get up go to school as per usual however while playing with her friends Princess fainted and had to be taken to the hospital. Doctors told her parents that her heart was slowly failing but did not know of how long she had left. Every night little Princess would sneak out of her room and visit all the other kids making friends and giving letters of encouragement that read, “Smile Jesus loves you”. One evening she passed by a room where there was a convict in the room dying of kidney failure. Princess walked in and introduced herself. Of course the man was confused and could not explain just how the little girl got in his room. She simply said “Did you know that Jesus loves you ?” The man said “I dont believe in that” but the little girl knew the truth as she saw he had a Bible underneath his bed. But the man’s heart was so hardened by hate because of where his life had ended up that he could not see passed that. The little Princess told the man she would return so they can read from the Bible together. The man said “Go back to your room i know you wont be back” but she said come back and continued coming back for 8 days. Together they read from the Bible and even prayed and laughed. Princess told the man “im drawing a book for you” she gave it to him the next day. That day also the man’s daughter and wife visited him in the hospital and he asked for forgiveness. Later that night he read the book the princess gave him and it read like this “One day i was playing at school, i got sick and ended up in the hospital, i dreamed about a man who was sad, i want to help this man. I want to give him my kidney so he can be with his family.” The next day was Christmas Day Princess did not survive the night and passed away. However as her wish stated, she donated her kidney and the man was later released from prison after completing his term. He was reunited with his family by the next Christmas. As for the family that lost Princess…. they were blessed with a boy. With the memory of Princess close to their hearts.

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