Four Seasons of Love

What if i told you that in our world ever since it began to exist, there has always been what i like to call the Four Seasons of Love.

1. Summer: We have in our lives encountered people who have a heart filled with love and enjoy spreading it everywhere we go thats what i call summer love because of how on fire their love can be.

2. Spring: This kind of love is similar to summer however its the kind that comes with conditions. When you say I love you but with the condition that you do this or that. Well no i disagree ! If you tell someone you love them dont put conditions because it leaves room for your heart to hide hate and eventually show itself.

3. Fall: With this love theres not much to say about it except that it holds all the similarities of Spring with addition of words that scar or hurt your feelings. Its a way for the person to enforce getting what they want.

4. Winter: Arriving in winter, theres very little if any love left. All that exist is hate anger and domination. Dont let anyone talk down on you or your life. People get mad because you like chocolate ice cream and i like strawberry ice cream. Enjoy what you like and let me enjoy what i like. Remember we are each our own person with different personalities. Embrace Summer !!!

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