Travel the world

Come travel the world with me. Lets get our passports hop on a plane head to Washington DC and visit the Washington Monument, the Capital, and Lincoln Memorial. Next lets go to Florida and visit Mickey ! Walk the beach shore and enjoy the sunset. Next stop Colorado as we take in the view of the most majestic Rockies coated with a bed of fluffy white snow. Next stop Paris as we visit Notre Dame and The Louvre art museum viewing all the art work. Next on our list ? A wild Safari in Africa ! Sit back as we see lions chase their meal or hippos bathing in small rivers.

Always know and remember that no matter how bad things get in this world or even when you can’t physically travel no one can stop your imagination from traveling. Take a break from daily stress and travel anywhere around the world for free ! Feel relaxed and stress free. 🙂

Published by onekingdom7

I would like to first thank you (the reader) for stopping by and joining me in an adventure that will keep you wanting more each day. In this page I blog about daily life experiences, motivations, words of wisdom and even some sports in the mix. To say my blog is limited is far from being true. You the reader can reach out to me in my personal email with any topic you wish to be seen in my blog. Just send me an email to and you too can be a part of the adventure !!

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