Bare no fruit

Allen was a man who always did things putting himself as number one and many times the only one. Everyday was a routine wake up and go to work. But one day as he was going to work he saw a man on the street corner begging for food. Of course Allen being all about himself ignored the poor begging man, he thought why should i give him my extra bagel i work for my money. That evening he fell into a deep sleep and God took the opportunity to give him a dream of what transpired but in this case Allen was the poor man. It was a horrible feeling but it had to happen so his eyes could open up and see that helping others is a true blessing. The next day Allen saw the poor man and gave him a bagel and offered him a job! The man was so grateful that for the next for years he helped Allen grow his company to one of the top companies of the country. Moral of the story ? You never know the fruit you will bare by helping someone.

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