For Richer or Poorer

Joe was a man of great wealth, fast cars and of course you already know, easy women. He had it all in life. The money was there at his disposal all he had to do was snap his fingers. If you are wondering how exactly Joe became wealthy, well I’ll tell you. He grew up interested in numbers and was very good at math. By the time he was thirty Joe owned quite a few shares in stocks. His wealth grew and he became a millionaire. Some years had passed and everything was going great for Joe. One morning he received a phone call from his financial advisor that the stock exchange had taken a tumble. Suddenly rich Joe was poor Joe. He had lost everything, all his cars, his huge house and remember all the women? Yea they all looked away too.

He started to notice that the friends he had stopped looking for him. No more invites to lavish parties and spur of the moment trips to other parts of the world. One thing Joe did gain out of this experience was his faith. Joe began to trust in God with his life and his path back to wealth. Oh but it wouldn’t be an easy one. He had to climb hills he never climbed before but he would eventually get back his wealth. This time Joe didn’t make it about himself but instead he took the money he would make to help others in need. Now knowing what it feels like to be poor he had asked God that if he regained his wealth he would make sure he helped others in need. Homes were built for families and also a school program aimed at helping youth to get to college. Joe died knowing he felt good knowing he was able to help those less fortunate than him.

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